VAPSSA is an independently owned and managed marketing company which prides itself in providing Motor Vehicle Value Added Products and Services (“VAPS”) and solutions to a variety of product distribution channels. We however place specific focus on the Motor Dealership network..



Extended Warranty

An extension of the Manufacturers Warranty covering mechanical or electrical breakdown or failure.
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Tyre and Rim Protection Warranty

Covers damage to the tyre or rim as a result of a road hazard.

Credit Shortfall

Covers the outstanding balance at the bank in the event of a total loss.

Credit Life

Settles Finance Debt on Death or Permanent Disablement.


Total Loss Cash Back

Pays a lump sum in the event of a total loss of the vehicle which may be used towards the replacement vehicle cost.
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Cosmetic Auto Plan

Maintenance product aimed at keeping vehicle in showroom condition.

Service Plans

Pays for Scheduled Motor Vehicle Service costs.

Maintenance Plans

Pays for all motor vehicle service costs and unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown costs.